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MCTC hosts Concept A Rush session held at Creative Technology Event

Myanmar Creative Technology College (MCTC) held the Creative Technology Event at Junction City Promotion Area on 22nd and 23rd March, 2019.

In this event, Concept A Rush session, which is arranged for the purpose of building Artist Community for the digital artists in Myanmar is successfully held. In this session, both professional and new comer artists are participated and demonstrated a certain concept during the given time as 10 min A Rush and 30 min A Rush. This session is arranged as artist community building form and not as a competition form. So, every digital artists can enjoy and participated.

In Concept A Rush, Freshgora Food Delivery Service provides Pizza for the artists as a refreshment, YWAR content publishing and payment solution provides USB memory sticks for the participant and HOG (House of Gamers) provides 200 member hours for the participants as a lucky draw.

This Creative Technology Event is held by Myanmar Creative Technology College in collaboration with MSI Myanmar, HOG(House of Gamers), YWAR content publishing and payment solution, Concept Challenge Myanmar (CCM), Freshgora Food Delivery Service , DJ Y3LLO, DJ PAST12 and BlackJack Entertainment. Knowledge sharing session, project showcasing, demo classes and other fun activities are held.

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