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Student Artworks

Project Showcase

Lecturer Show Reels

Lecturer Show Reels

Lu Dong Jun

Bo Kyaw

Swuan Thura Tun

Student Stations 

Ye Gaung's YG Innovatory 

A 21 Year Old Game developer who already have teaching experience, For Ye Gaung ,Innovation is everything. He attended Game Development class by MCTC's Nanda Ye Aung and currently working on Major project such as HOG and Yangon Water Bus.

Dynamic VoiCopters

Hsaung Hnin Sett's Art by Kazy

An extremely talented 16 year old artist. Specialised in Japanese themes Manga Style. She learned concept art from MCTC Doshine and currently assisting in teaching and providing concept art for MCTC projects.

Project MCTC-Chan

Innovation from the Heart. 

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