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About us

Myanmar Creative Technology College , officially established on 2018 started its backbone operation in Myanmar since early 2017 as MAGES Creative Technology Centre. With the aid from Singapore’s MAGES Institute of Excellence. 

In 2017 , MAGES Creative Technology Centre opened up to 10 classes of 48 hours short courses , and successfully introduced Digital Illustration and Concept Art to Myanmar People by running 2 classes of 10 hours Masterclasses. 

Now in 2018 , MCTC is ready to deliver Creative Technology Academic Pathway to Myanmar people, helping youth of Myanmar to achieve their dream of studying , working in Creative industry such as Art and Game.


These creativity Technology subjects are very unique and sensitive.

You have to learn it from your heart and real in order to be able to use it back in actual working field.

                                                  Nae Myo Aung Khing 

                                                     CEO of MCTC


Unlock creative latent potency of Myanmar people to innovate and grow together while enhancing the future. 


To bring Creative Technology Academics to Myanmar


To be reliable A Technological Cocoon of Creativity for Myanmar People. 

To empower Creative industry of Myanmar with excellent artists by delivering top-level education. 

Organizational Structure

Meet our Team Members

Htet Wai Lin

Business Development and Administration Manager

Friendly and Helpful Wai is always together with MCTC brand. Everyone who have been in touch with MCTC knew him. 


Wai Lin is mainly administrating day to day procedures and is responsible for connecting businesses and development of new projects.

Nang Kay Khaing

Communication and Operation Manager

Passionate in Art , excels in Business activities ,


Nangk mainly responsible for communicating with MCTC audience and business partners. 

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