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Project Based Class 

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Learning through urgency and realistic project can invoke inner talents of a person. Myanmar Creative Technology College have successfully implemented Creative Technology Development projects for several existing business. 

Projects include Serious Games , Art , Logo Drawing , Animation Short Films and 3D World Projection. Project team are 90% composed with Students working under Professional supervision.  

Following are On-Going Projects of MCTC

Batch 1 - Launched on February 2018 as 10 Day project based class. Product of First batch will be presented at May 2018 Event and will be available to play on Andriod and IOS platform. 

MCTC's Volock Studio is currently developing Mobile Game Application for HOG. Being Prime Partners , MCTC Students will get their hand-on development experience as OJT members and develop new features for the Project.

Apexand International is one of the Prime Partner of MCTC. Project based courses for Apexand international include services such as Freshgora (Delivery Service).

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