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MCTC Introduction at Junction City

On the date of 27th Oct, 2017, MCTC organized introductory to Creative Technology Event at Junction City started from 11:30 am till the 8:00pm. Between 11:30 am to 1:30pm is introduction section of MCTC and its allies.

Firstly , CEO of MCTC , Nae Myo Aung Khing started introducing about MCTC and from that lead toward showcasing of Studio Puppeteer's Game "A Pyan Lan".

At 12:30pm 3xvivr explain about its VR capability and onward till 1pm CEO of Apexend and Vice Chairman of TintTint Group of companies "Htut Oo Yoon" introduced Myanmar very first mobile apps food and groceries delivery mobile apps, Freshgora.

At 1:30pm, the main event started and Nanda Ye Aung from MCTC and MAGES Singapore started explanation about serious game and show case the demo class for 45 minutes. After that "Huion Tablet"imported by the Digiland company was being introduced to audience before moving to Concept Art Panel.

2 Weeks before the event , the competition was announce with the topic being "Myanmese Fantasy Baluu (ogre)". The motive behind the competition itself is to learn how the local digital artist conceptualize local culture aluu (ogre). There are up to 16 contestant and winner takes home money worth of 200$.

Around 2:30pm , the winner for the contest was being announced. The winner was chosen by Lu Dong Jun himself. Aung Ko Zin won the competition.

After that , Lu Dong Jun show-case the demonstration class of modifying , touch-over work of competitor's art till 3:00pm. At 3:00pm , Doshine , Concept Art lecturer from MCTC started drawing basic-style level baluu within 45minutes drawing time.

The Main Event is here at 4:00pm , Lu Dong Jun and Myanmar best digital artists such as Aung Kyaw Khin , Doshine , Kaung Htet Kyaw(putet) , Aung Ko Zin (Baluu Competition winner) and other professional digital artists draw high level art together live at the Junction City promotion area.

Within time 1 and half hour time , Lu Dong Jun drew up to 50% completion of Concept Art which would usually worth up to 1000USD, showcasing both his experience and skills. Digital Artists from Myanmar can bee seen being able to caught up as Lu Dong Jun look and give advice to them while they are drawing the art piece.

Around 7:00 pm , most of the digital artists have reached the similar point of completion and the program is completed.

The Event was concluded successfully afterwards.

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