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MCTC participates in HOG Con 2018 with awesome Activities

On 1st July 2018, Myanmar Creative Technology College participates in HOG Con 2018 and able to show the Creative Technologies in Myanmar.

Firstly, MCTC have demonstrated the Dota Hero AR Explanation Session in the final battle of the Dota2 competition. In this session, the AR display of the heroes and the explanation of Heroes pick have been presented. This presentation is on the live broadcast through Facebook and the viewers can directly enjoy the picked hero through AR at the same time. This is the very first AR display of hero pickers in Myanmar which is proudly presented by Myanmar Creative Technology College.

After that, the official announcement of HOG Mascot character which is created by one of the MCTC valuable Concept Art Lecturers, Mr. Doshine, have been included. In this session, the Concept Artist who created the mascot, Mr. Doshine explained the HOG Mascot Character Development and introduced the official Mascot of HOG to the medias and public.

Then, the live drawing session of Ms. Hsaung Hnin Sett(Kazy), who is in charge of MCTC’s mascot, MCTC Chan,as well as the alumni student of MCTC, have been presented. Kazy creates the MCTC Chan in the costumes of Crystal Maiden and shows the techniques and technology of Digital Art Creation within an hour at the HOG Con 2018.

In this HOG Con 2018, MCTC have shown and introduced the creative technology trends in Myanmar and the power and creativity of the students from Myanmar Creative Technology College successfully. MCTC is going forward to provide the various Creative Technology Academic in Myanmar for the dreams of youths to learn what they are really interested and to be a professional in the related fields.

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